Now, in a rapidly changing world, issue of heritage protection and use is one of the most important problems of modern countries and societies. Cultural heritage represents big potential for economic growth, generating value and thereby directly benefiting citizens. Finding better balance between preservation of cultural heritage and sustainable socio-economic development of regions is necessary. Therefore there is need for development of teaching programme enabling educating specialists able to apply modern, attractive forms of re-use, management and protection of heritage, while preserving its historical value.

AIM OF PROJECT is to create the international cooperation network of researchers, academic teachers and practitioners specialising in various fields of management, protection and use of cultural heritage. University Network for Cultural Heritage – Integrated Protection, Management and Use will collect, elaborate and share knowledge in the field of protection, management and use of heritage, archaeology, architecture and cultural landscapes in order to develop the interdisciplinary programme of the Course on Integrated Protection, Management and Use of Cultural Heritage. The course will combine the issues of protection, management and use of 3 types of cultural heritage: architectural heritage, archaeological heritage and cultural landscape.